About Us

The Global Information Network (GIN) is a private, exclusive “Member-Only” global association of individuals dedicated to achieving: Financial Independence; Wealth Creation; Dynamic Health; and Emotional Well-Being.

GIN has Members, Associates, and Faculty in over 160 countries. Our “Club” is a global group of like minded, highly influential, affluent, freedom orientated people from a large variety of business, social and economic sectors.

Many Members consider GIN a “Success Club”.

GIN is effectively a “Society” due to the Fraternal nature of our “Club” and the strong bond and connection established among and between Members.

We provide a safe haven where Members can build mutually beneficial long-term relationships to help one another better achieve each individual’s goals, desires and dreams, professionally and personally.

GIN provides a very rare and unique opportunity for our Members to associate with, and develop mutually advantageous relationships with success oriented “winners” from various cultures, backgrounds and countries. 

This allows each Member benefits and privileges that they would not have as isolated individuals.

GIN Members have “dreams” and want “more out of life”. 

Our Members want the best that life has to offer. 

GIN members are “Go Getters” and “Winners”. They are motivated, inspired individuals with a “Positive Mental Attitude” and a “zest for life”.

GIN Members are also people that know that there is much more to life than just “getting rich”.

Members and GIN faculty include highly accomplished leaders from a large variety of industrial, business, artistic, spiritual, financial, social and political sectors. 

Many Members and GIN faculty have major professional accomplishments, academic accolades, celebrity status, and worldwide reputations and achievements. Some are extremely wealthy and famous.

Members share a desire to assist other Members by offering knowledge, business and personal connections, and specialized expertise in their respective fields. 

GIN provides an environment where Members “support” and “pull for” other Members, therefore helping each other achieve their respective goals and dreams in life.

High Level GIN Members mentor and coach other Members who are serious about taking charge of their own destinies, achieving wealth, gaining financial freedom, experiencing dynamic health, and reaching high levels of overall emotional well-being.

The GIN membership list is confidential.

GIN provides its members with exclusive, confidential information and training regarding:

  • Dynamic Health, and cutting edge technologies for Anti-aging and physical longevity
  • The Science of Being Happy and attaining inner Bliss
  • How to manifest one’s goals using the power of the mind including the Law of Attraction
  • Investing and Trading: Stocks, Bonds, Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Options
  • Worldwide Real Estate Opportunities
  • Asset Protection, Off-shore Banking, Foundations, Trusts
  • The newest breakthrough technologies and ‘Natural” methods for curing illness and disease
  • A Path to Enlightenment: Self Realization, Spiritual and Emotional Freedom and Liberation
  • And many more areas of personal, financial and emotional/spiritual development and growth

The training and information we provide is for “Members Only”. This information is not available to the general public. It is highly confidential and for the exclusive and private use of our Members.

Membership is by invitation only. Not all new Member applications are accepted.

All GIN Members, Faculty, and the “Council”, are anonymous to the general public unless permission is granted by the individual.