About Us

How It All Started

The Global Information Network (GIN) was conceived in Istanbul, Turkey at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 2003 by a group of global luminaries among the highest-ranking Members of several private societies, associations and clubs. These include groups whose membership was exclusively available only to the privileged elite class of the world.

Our Purpose

Since our official establishment in 2009, the GIN Creed (as noted below) has enabled our Members who may not qualify to become members of elite, secret societies to join together and be exposed to the same secrets revealed and taught to members of “closed” societies and clubs.

GIN and our Founders believe that every individual has the right to know every secret of creating the life of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, peacefully and securely. Above all, GIN is dedicated to empowering Members to achieve all their dreams and desires.

Driven by Purpose; Our GIN Creed

  1. Every person on earth has the right to know all knowledge available on planet earth.
  2. Every person on earth has the right to pursue happiness.
  3. Every person on earth has the right to be free to pursue their own dreams, goals and desires.
  4. Every person on earth has the right to know all the methods of curing and preventing disease and have dynamic vibrant health.
  5. Every person on earth has the right to know how to use their mind to create and manifest in their lives whatever they choose.
  6. Every person on earth has the right to privacy from all governments and corporate entities.
  7. Every person on earth has the right to be happy, secure, safe and fulfilled as a human being.
  8. Every person on earth has the same importance as every other person.
  9. Every person on earth has the right to be, do and have anything and everything they desire.
  10. The privileged elite class has no right to hide the truth from the masses and keep them as virtual slaves.
  11. Freedom of speech, freedom to express ideas, opinions, and what individuals believe to be statements of fact, even if it is against worldwide consensus should never be impeded.
  12. Every human life is equally precious, and all life is to be respected.
  13. Every person has the right to prosper and have abundance in all areas of their lives: Health; Finance; Career; Family; Friends; Intellectually; Emotionally; Spiritually.
  14. Every person can attain total Freedom and Liberation on all levels and all dimensions.
  15. Every person was “born to win, designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”
  16. Every person can “win” in life, there does not have to be any “losers.”
  17. Every person has the right to a high quality of life and standard of living. Every person is an unlimited powerful creative force and creates their own reality.

The goal of GIN is to share previously secret and hidden knowledge to our Members; knowledge previously used by ruling classes to keep the world uninformed, fearful, impoverished and enslaved.

In educating the world with this secret data and “insider information,” we empower our Members to be, do and have everything and anything they desire.

The Origination of GIN

The actual unspoken name of our Club consists of 2 Latin words. These are the original words and ancient. They contain frequency, vibration and energy. Used alone, each word contains power. When combined and used together, there is a synergistic effect. The power is magnified and intensified.

The literal translation of the first word is: Uplifted; High; Lofty; Exalted; Elevated; Noble; Majestic; Having the qualities of Royalty and Splendor.

The literal translation of the second word is: Heavenly; Celestial; Coming from the inhabitants of Heaven (the Gods).

Our Club contains this enhanced, powerful energy. It permeates our entire organization. All our Members can tap into this ancient energy which gives each Member inner power to enhance every aspect of their life.