An Exclusive Invitation

You have received the link to this page from someone who knows you.

This short letter could change your life for the better. Read every word. Today is truly your lucky day.

This is an invitation to a very special, private, and exclusive International Club. We have Members in over 150 countries around the world.

Our Club is a “Success Club” that helps its Members achieve success in the three main areas of life:

  • increased wealth
  • improved health
  • and attain supreme inner happiness and joy

The friendships we develop with other incredibly successful Members from around the world are wonderful and fulfilling. We would have never been able to create such amazing connections if we were not Members of this Club.

The “success training” and seminars the Club offers exclusively to its Members include the “Success Mastery Course” and “The Science of Personal Mastery Course”.

These courses are offered free to Members. They are being called the greatest, most comprehensive success courses of all time. They go way beyond the material in the books The Law of Attraction, The Secret, or Think and Grow Rich.

Being a Member of this unique Club also gives us access to the Club’s private meetings, seminars, retreats, and weekend events around the world.

We Have Events All Over The World

We have had spectacular events in Rome Italy, Paris France, Las Vegas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, San Diego, Sydney Australia, Munich Germany, Switzerland, and many more exotic fun locations globally.

We also have “virtual” online meetings, workshops and events that help the Members set and achieve goals, and be, do and have all of their dreams.

Members in our Club gain unique and exclusive privileges that non-members will never have access to or even know about.

Membership in our Club is by “invitation only” and exclusive.

High Level Members can privately invite someone to become a Member, if we think that new person qualifies for our exclusive Membership.

This Is a RARE Invitation

We rarely invite someone to consider joining our Club because our Club is for a special kind of person. We are exclusively for “winners,” people with a positive attitude, a love of life, and a strong desire to get more out of life.

Most people don’t qualify for Membership in our Club and probably would not get much value out of Membership anyway. Most people, as you know, are fine with just “getting by” and being “average.”

The Club is currently accepting new Members. Sometimes, the Club stops accepting new Member applications. Right now, the Club’s “books are open,” and new Members are allowed to join if they are recommended by a Member in good standing.

You have been sent to this page because you are being considered for Membership.

This is your formal invitation to join our Club.

Our Club does not pay Members to “recruit.” We are not a business opportunity, MLM, or anything like that. We do not have any kind of “affiliate program”. The person who sent you this link does not get paid anything if you become a Member. There is no incentive. Quite frankly, they don’t care if you join or not.

This Club is not for everyone. It may not be for you. Our Club is for the top 5% of people who want more out of life.

You get many valuable benefits by being a Member. We are not at liberty to share with you everything you will receive if you do join and become a Member. Most Member benefits are confidential. We can share a couple Member benefits with you, however.

For example, if you do choose to join, you will be assigned a personal Member Support Coach. This high-ranking Member will help you get the most out of Membership and be your personal contact available to you when you need. You will get their direct phone number and email address.

When you join, you also get a free ticket to a Club upcoming Major Weekend Event. These tickets cost $2500 for Associate Members (much less for FULL Members).

Watch the video below to hear some comments from Members about the benefits they’ve received from the Club.

The cost of initial Associate Membership is a one-time $20 initiation fee and monthly dues of only $18.95. This is the introductory “Associate Level” Membership. It is not FULL Membership, but it gives you a chance to get a taste of our Club.

We don’t know if this is a Club that you would be interested in joining. You will only know if this is a Club for you once you become an Associate Member and see all the Club has to offer. You of course can cancel your Membership at any time.

You Can Take a FREE Cruise With Us

One more thing:

If you choose to become a FULL Member in the future (and are accepted), the Club gives you a free ticket to our 6-day annual Cruise for Members only. This is an all-expense paid cruise, free to new Members as the Club’s way of welcoming you into our exclusive organization.

Travel to the Cruise is not included of course (the cruise usually leaves from Florida). But all the meals, taxes, gratuities, and cabin are included.

The cruise is a great chance to meet your Member Support Coach in person who will introduce you to many high-level Members from around the world. You will also enjoy meeting some of the other thousands of Members who you will share your cruise with. I will be on the cruise as well. The cruise is our premier event of the year.

The Club takes over the entire ship. We virtually “own” the ship for the week. Every passenger on the cruise is a Club Member. It is really spectacular. In fact, some of the senior executives of the cruise company are also Members in our Club. We have used Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines in the past.

You might be surprised at the number of high-profile people around the world that are Members in our Club.

We also have live and online local Chapter Meetings where Members can get together to meet from time to time. You might also be surprised at some of the local community leaders and businesspeople that are Members in our Club. These connections gives Members certain advantages others do not have.

We strongly encourage you to join and at least get a taste of our Club for a month or more. Then, you will really know if this is a Club for you.  

We invite you to consider the benefits of investing this small amount of money and time each month in yourself to live your best life possible.

Membership is a privilege and an honor. Your life will be enhanced in every way by being a Member. Plus, the Club is FUN! Let’s play!

We will see you at the top! And hope to spend time with you on the beaches of the world.

May you never be the same.

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