Welcome To The Global Information Network

Global association of individuals dedicated to achieving:

The Global Information Network (GIN) is a private, exclusive, “Members Only” worldwide association of individuals dedicated to achieving success in the key areas of life including:

  • Financial Independence and Wealth Creation
  • Dynamic Vibrant Health & Longevity
  • Emotional Well-being and Inner Joy

Our Membership also includes individuals who are not yet at a high level of affluence and wealth, but strongly desire to improve the quality of their life and standard of living, attain higher states of consciousness, as well as experience inner peace, joy and bliss.

GIN is a global group, “Society” or “Club”. Our members are like-minded highly influential, affluent, and freedom oriented people from various business, social, and economic sectors.

GIN provides its Members a safe haven to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships to help one another better achieve their respective goals, desires and dreams.

This rare and unique opportunity to associate with like-minded people from around the world allows each Member special advantages that they would not have as isolated individuals.

We are in a sense a “fraternal” organization, where Members pledge to assist and support other Members.

Our Members include highly accomplished leaders from a large variety of industrial, financial, social and political sectors. Many of our Members have major professional accomplishments, academic accolades and worldwide reputations.

Members share a desire to help other Members by exchanging knowledge and expertise as well as establishing important and significant “connections” with individuals that they would not normally have “access” to.

High ranking Members with specialized training “mentor” other Members who are serious about taking charge of their own destinies, achieving wealth, gaining financial freedom, experiencing dynamic health, and reaching high levels of overall emotional well-being, as well as spiritual Freedom and Liberation.

The GIN Membership list is confidential.

GIN provides its Members with exclusive, confidential never before released training and information regarding:

  • Wealth Creation
  • Unique Investment and Real Estate Opportunities
  • Top Level information on Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, Commodities, Forex and other trading  knowledge
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Asset Protection/Offshore banking
  • Natural Cures and Remedies for illness and disease
  • The “Secrets” to Happiness, inner peace, joy and bliss
  • Spiritual Freedom and Liberation on all levels and dimensions
  • Attaining higher levels of consciousness and awareness
  • Improving mental capacity and power
  • And much more

GIN helps its members improve the quality of the life in these key areas and dramatically improve the conditions in their life and standard of living.

We as a Club “Help the able, become more able.”

Full Membership is by invitation only. Not all membership applications are accepted. All Members of GIN always remain anonymous to the general public unless by personal choice.

The Global Information Network was conceived in Istanbul Turkey at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 2003 by over 15 global luminaries and formally established in 2009. We currently have Members in over 160 countries.