Member Benefits

The Global Information Network (GIN) offers our Members a variety of private, exclusive worldwide benefits and privileges. These benefits are designed to help our Members achieve Success, Prosperity and Abundance in every key aspect of their lives.

Though an exhaustive list of Membership benefits are confidential, below are 6 core benefits for GIN Members:

#1. Invaluable Education

Since 2009, the GIN Library has amassed hundreds of hours of invaluable, educational programming from the world’s foremost leaders in personal growth. As a Member, you’ll gain insights from world-renowned educators, covering every aspect of health, wealth and happiness. 

This includes advice on how to be, do and have anything and everything you desire, as seen in the blockbuster movie, The Secret, which teaches the basics of the Law of Attraction. The keys to making the Law of Attraction work are revealed and taught in-depth to GIN Members through The Success Mastery and Science of Personal Mastery Courses among our 100s of hours of other training.  

Below are several examples of high-value trainings from the GIN Library:  

  1. Wealth creation, revenue generation and an abundance mindset (leveraging our Money Course)
  2. Gaining dynamic health (review our multiple courses, from The Perfect Health and Longevity Course to our Natural Cures Course)
  3. Expansive happiness, joy, inner peace and emotional wellbeing (through our Path to Happiness Course)
  4. Move onto a path to enlightenment through self-realization, consciousness, spiritual freedom and liberation (via our A Path to Spiritual Freedom Course)
  5. Uncover invaluable life skills (from etiquette training to public speaking; advanced tools for communication, to negotiation as well as countless other high-value topics)

#2. High-Value Networking

Active GIN Members span 160+ countries, network and share opportunities with one another. They offer advice, global perspectives, firsthand information, share ideas and knowledge and create a true Mastermind. 

This Mastermind is described by Napoleon Hill. Being able to access and associate with experts, world leaders, highly-successful individuals, and like-minded people from around the globe is an invaluable benefit for active GIN Members.

What’s more, we enable the cultivation of valuable relationships through consistent, virtual and in-person events supported by our own private social network. Events include: 

  1. Conferences. Quarterly, inspiring and motivational, in-person global conferences in locations like Miami, Paris and Aruba with optional virtual attendance as an alternative.
  2. Seminars. These include live, in-person workshops based both in the United States and globally cover in-demand and high-value topics and are sent directly to your inbox.
  3. Webinars. GIN offers Members virtual training, available live or virtually on our Members-only desktop and mobile-responsive website.
  4. Chapter meetings. Locally, enjoy adventurous outings, lectures and access local chapter meetings.
  5. Roundtables. When Members experience significant challenges, they can request a Roundtable with higher ranking, fully-trained GIN Members virtually or in-person. Roundtable Members listen to the personal or business issue, ask questions, then offer advice, encouragement and support. 
  6. Additional opportunities. From award banquets to symposiums, expos and retreats, we regularly curate events to facilitate consistent connections between global GIN Members.

What you’ll experience as a Member of GIN is, you’re never alone. When you experience a challenge, fellow Members can divide your sorrows and support you. When your life experiences are excellent, they will celebrate with you and multiply your happiness and joy. 

In today’s world of technological connections and surface-level relationships, our Membership offers an opportunity for true, thoughtful connection. More so than simply an acquaintance or even a friend, our Association paves the way for life-long friendships and partnerships of every type. 

#3. Individualized Membership Support 

Another demonstrable tool we use to support our Members’ education is through membership support. Starting at Associate Level, we offer individualized coaching (through a Member Support Coach [MSCs]) to support the personal development of GIN Members. 

MSCs help Members gain the most benefits of Membership and answer your questions about training, website and any other questions related to Club Membership. They are also a “host” at events (see below) and introduce Members to other Members to maximize our network. 

#4. Our Member-Only Social Network

When you become a Member, in addition to the above benefits, we offer another virtual tool to connect and engage with fellow, high-value GIN Members. 

Our virtual networking platform offers an excellent space to connect with fellow Members. Whether you’d like a travel partner during a GIN quarterly Conference or are looking for your next business partner for an exciting new endeavor, we created a social network where all global Members can connect virtually around subjects they care about. 

#5. Financial Opportunities 

We offer all our active Members the opportunity to abundantly expand their financial resources. In addition to expanding their network (often described as one’s Net Worth) as well as education, our Members have the opportunity to expand their financial growth through two tools specifically. 

A. Business Opportunities 

As many of GIN’s Founders and global, high-level Members leverage multiple types of investment vehicles within their retirement portfolios, they do share opportunities with other Members about exclusive, “first-in” ground floor opportunities. Potentially, these offer substantial capital gains through the following as an example: Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Private Placements, new business ventures, real estate, gold and other precious metals, currencies, cryptocurrencies among other international business opportunities.

B. Loans & Credit

GIN Members receive information on how to obtain loans and credit globally at favorable terms. Accessibility of credit, loans and other credit vehicles is a major advantage previously available only to ultra-high net worth individuals, families and associations. 

GIN wants to close the gap and offers information to Members on how to obtain needed credit and use OPM (other people’s money) strategically and with integrity to invest and create multi-generational wealth.

#6. Spiritual Growth  

GIN Members are taught how to attain complete and total Enlightenment including Spiritual Liberation and Freedom on all levels and all dimensions. 

Throughout our education, as well as our regular events and networking opportunities, we enable Members spiritual growth with the goals of:  

  • Learning how to be truly and deeply happy regardless of external life conditions 
  • How to lift the veil hiding the truth and see the one universal energy
  • How to experience total consciousness and awareness
  • How to experience the inner joy and peace that surpasses all human understanding

The GIN organization offers its Members much more than is described above. These additional benefits are revealed only to Members with discretion and privately. 

If you are ready to join our prized organization, you’re in luck. Our applications are currently open for new Members. Start your qualified Membership application by clicking the link below. 

Extraneous Benefits


By 2026, GIN plans to facilitate a large-scale, high-level Mentorship program. As a way to give back, high-ranking Members will have the option to support fellow Members through full- or part-time Mentorship for GIN Members and/or to request a Mentor. Mentors are fully supportive, life coaches. Mentor training is provided and comes directly from The Brotherhood mentor system. 

These are separate from our Member Support Coaches (MSCs) mentioned above, whose goal is to help Members maximize benefits of the GIN site and organization.

In addition, high-level Members of GIN have the option of being an apprentice to a highly successful, high-ranking GIN Member. This unique, priceless 1-on-1 Mentorship program is unlike any opportunity available anywhere.

Club & Lodge Access

By 2026, the GIN organization will work in conjunction with exclusive clubhouses and lodges globally to become accessible to Members-only for recreational and professional purposes.

These beautiful, accommodating spaces will be used for local chapter meetings, seminars, Mastering the Success Mastery Course training, workshops, roundtables, conferences, virtual events and to deliver our classified, high-level, invaluable training. 

Alongside, these locations will also be available for leisure and social events where Members can go for camaraderie and fellowship with other GIN Members. 

About Our Membership Levels

There are currently 12 Membership levels within GIN. Members must qualify for each Membership Level by meeting specific requirements alongside approval from our Membership Acceptance Committee. 

As an exclusive association, we offer the opportunity to advance through Levels for greater access, educational and networking opportunities. Each higher Membership Level (starting with Associate and moving to Level 12) in GIN gives the Member additional classified benefits, VIP access and monetary rewards. 

We’re an informational, private association where, “Members share with other Members.” We don’t provide financial planning, tax, legal, investment or medical advice. Consultation with independent expert advisors is strongly recommended. We aren’t a business opportunity. Instead, we provide recommendations and facilitate opportunities for expansive personal growth, abundance and economic prosperity to flourish. 

Are you ready to join us as an Associate Member of GIN? Simply click the link below, and we look forward to learning more about you.