The GIN Success System

This symbol has “energy”. It utilizes the “Secret Science of Images” and “Sacred Geometry” as does our logo and our other “symbols”. 

The “System” symbol reveals the “GIN System” for total success that is used in all “Secret Societies”.

The “System” consists of 5 key elements:

  1. Audio training: by listening to our audio training, you are given information, techniques and methods that teach you “how” to attain your dreams. The audios also have “energy” infused in them that transfer to the listener, awakening your dormant “power”.
  2. Books: GIN provides a list of specific books to read that provide “success secrets”. Many of these books are available to the general public. However, of the tens of thousands of “success books”, which should you read and in what order? We provide the “right” books for Members to read in the correct order. This is very significant. Reading stimulates a different part of the brain than does listening. “Leaders are always readers”. GIN also provides its Members with books and manuscripts that are not available to the general public, which contain ancient “secrets of success”.
  3. Events: the “Elite” and most successful people in the world all attend “events” with their peers on a regular basis. This is a missing key secret to success. When groups get together, a “Master Mind” is created that empowers all the participants. This is a critical ingredient to success. GIN provides the best world class events that employ all the “secret” elements that make attending our events “life transforming”.
  4. Recognition: this is probably the greatest kept secret of the super-rich. Being recognized by your peers allows you to receive all the combined energy of the hundreds or thousands that send you positive energy when they applaud your achievements. When you are on stage at a GIN event and your fellow Members praise and recognize you publicly, you gain tremendous power. When you recognize others, you “give” energy selflessly to others. This activates the law of Giving and Receiving. What you give, will come back to you 100 or more times. The giver of recognition receives more benefit than the receiver. GIN provides dozens of opportunities at our events to give and receive recognition. This is powerful beyond words and creates magical positive results.
  5. Relationships:  Our Club allows you to build strong bonds with like-minded people that will support you in many ways. This “support” is another critical and vital ingredient that is needed to achieve massive success in life. Members develop relationships with other Members that go beyond that of even family. Members “pull” for one another. Having a team of people support you, and always there for you, is required for true success. No person is an island. We all need one another. We are a “Member helping Member” organization.

The 5 ingredients of this “System”, when used together, creates a synergistic effect. It creates geometric power. Each works with the other to increase the power of each individually to produce amazing results for our Members.