Who We Are

The Global Information Network (GIN) is a private membership organization.

We are a “Club”,  a “Society”, an “Association”.

GIN was conceived by a group of individuals from around the world who are among the highest-ranking members of several private societies, associations, and clubs. These include groups whose membership has been exclusively available only to the privileged elite class of the world.

The GIN “Founders” include current and past members of:

  • The Brotherhood
  • The Council on Foreign Relations
  • Bohemian Grove
  • The Trilateral Commission
  • The Illuminati
  • The World Bank
  • The Bilderberg Group
  • Yale University’s Skull and Bones
  • The Freemasons
  • The Harvard University Alumni Club
  •  The United Nations
  • And several other elite international societies

The individuals who conceived and helped organize the Global Information Network (The “GIN Council”) are and will always remain anonymous.

For the first time in human history, some of the highest ranking members of these “secret societies” have encouraged the formation of a new, private, and exclusive “Member Only” group: The Global Information Network (GIN) is that “Club”.

GIN allows people who do not qualify to become members of the above-listed societies to join together and be exposed to the same secrets revealed and taught to members of the above “closed” societies and clubs.

There is a New World Order, sometimes called Globalization, that is orchestrated and being put in place by the “Elite Ruling Class”. These are unelected officials who “pull the strings” behind the scenes and control all governments.

This “plan” includes the elimination of sovereign countries, making all borders open, eliminating all religions, and establish a “one world currency”. The plan also includes the suppression and censorship of the free flow of ideas, thoughts and opinions. The plan is designed to keep the average person “in the dark”.

This has already been tested and put in place by the formation of the European Union.

This “plan” is designed to increase the gap between the wealthy and the average working person. At its core is the movement and consolidation of control and power to the unelected “Elite Ruling Class”.

All national currencies have been eliminated and replaced by “one” currency, the Euro, giving away all power and national sovereignty to the unelected individuals of “The World Bank”.

All borders have been eliminated. All countries have given up all rights to who is allowed to live in their respective countries.

All decisions that affect the lives of citizens of each country now are made by unelected European Union officials in Brussels, not the elected politicians. The people now have no power over their lives.

GIN and its Founders do not agree with this movement of total control over individuals, the giving away of all sovereignty and freedoms, and the suppression of free speech.

GIN and its Founders believe that every person has the right to know all of the secrets of creating the life they want, enjoy freedom, have liberty, pursue happiness, live in peace and security, and achieve all their dreams and desires.

The Creed of the Global Information Network is:

  • Every person on earth has the right to know all the knowledge available on planet earth
  • Every person on earth has the right to pursue happiness
  • Every person on earth has the right to be free to pursue their own dreams, goals, and desires
  • Every person on earth has the right to know ALL the methods of curing and preventing disease and have dynamic vibrant health
  • Every person on earth has the right to know how to use their mind to create and manifest in their lives whatever they choose
  • Every person on earth has the right to privacy from all governments and corporate entities
  • Every person on earth has the right to be happy, secure, safe, and fulfilled as a human being
  • Every person on earth has the same importance as every other person
  • Every person on earth has the right to be, do and have anything and everything they desire
  • The privileged elite class has no right to hide the truth from the masses and keep them as virtual slaves
  • Freedom of speech, freedom to express ideas, opinions, and what individuals believe to be statements of fact, even if it is against worldwide consensus should never be impeded
  • Every human life is equally precious, and all life is to be respected
  • Every person has the right to prosper and have abundance in all areas of their lives: Health; Finance; Career; Family; Friends; Intellectually; Emotionally; Spiritually
  • Every person can attain total Freedom and Liberation on all levels and all dimensions
  • Every person was “born to win, designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness”
  • Every person can “win” in life, there does not have to be any “losers”
  • Every person has the right to a high quality of life and standard of living·   Every person is an unlimited powerful creative force and creates their own reality

The individuals who encouraged the formation of GIN (The “GIN Council”) include:

  • Billionaires
  • Celebrities
  • Royalty
  • Former heads of governments (Prime Ministers/Presidents)
  • A Former USA 4 Star General
  • World Leaders
  • Scientists
  • Some of the most powerful, influential, educated and successful people on earth

These individuals will always remain anonymous and do not have any “official” association with GIN.

GIN is an organization where the average person can gain access to the same secret and “insider” information that, up until now, has been the exclusive privilege of the elite class and only available to members of the above societies, Clubs, and groups.

By allowing average people access to this closely guarded secret knowledge, it is the hope of GIN that:

  • Individual levels of personal responsibility will increase
  • More people will become empowered
  • The standard of living and quality of life will dramatically improve for hundreds of millions of people
  • Depression, powerlessness, poverty, hunger, and slavery will diminish and over time cease to exist
  • A worldwide global shift will occur where the masses will stop looking to government or corporate entities to solve all problems
  • People will understand that they can improve their living situations and create any reality they desire
  • People around the world will increase their “consciousness”, awareness and “come out of their trance”
  • Love and compassion will increase in people worldwide
  • The world will go into an upward movement of prosperity, freedom, and peace for all, to such a degree that mankind has never seen

The goal of the Global Information Network is to be the worldwide communication center that spreads and teaches previously secret and hidden knowledge to its Members; knowledge that had previously been used by the ruling classes to keep the world uninformed, full of fear, impoverished and enslaved.

In educating the world with this secret data and “insider information”, The Global Information Network hopes to empower people to be, do and have everything and anything they desire.

Ultimately, the outcome of these efforts will be the following:

  • Happiness, joy and inner bliss will increase in people
  • Fear will fall away and be replaced by courage and love
  • People will become more prosperous than ever before
  • The standard of living and quality of life will improve for hundreds of millions around the world
  • Poverty, slavery, and despair will begin to vanish from the planet
  • Violence and wars will be reduced and move toward ceasing to exist on planet earth
  • A “spiritual” awakening will move throughout the world increasing compassion, understanding and love for all humanity

The Origin Of The Club Name

The actual unspoken name of our Club consists of 2 Latin Words.

The literal translation of the first word is: Uplifted; High; Lofty; Exalted; Elevated; Noble; Majestic; Having the qualities of Royalty and Splendor.

The literal translation of the second word is: Heavenly; Celestial; Coming from the inhabitants of Heaven (the Gods).

These words are the original words and very ancient. They contain frequency, vibration and energy. When each word is used alone, they each contain power. When they are combined and used together, there is a synergistic effect. The power is magnified and intensified over 100 times.

Our Club contains this enhanced powerful energy. It permeates our entire organization. All of our Members can tap into this ancient energy which gives each Member “inner power” that will enhance every aspect of their life.

Although our Club was officially and formally formed as a legal entity in 2009, its origins go back over 239 years in America, and much longer than that from Europe (including Rome) and earlier still from Egypt, India and China.

Our “lineage” is strong and very ancient.