Why You Should Consider Applying for Membership

People commonly ask what is the Global Information Network? To distill it down to one sentence:

The Global Information Network is a world-wide successful life club.

Why would people from all quarters of the earth gather together in a like-minded community and become part of this unique dynamic club? 

Simply because our Club centers around helping its Members effectively move the ball forward in their life towards their most powerful goals, dreams and desires.

Most people’s dreams fall into 3 major categories:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Happiness

When you really break it down that’s the trifecta of success.

Everyone wants vibrant dynamic health, to have the energy to be able to do the things that they love to do most and be disease free.

Everyone wants financial freedom, material abundance or wealth – however YOU define wealth. You might call it financial satisfaction or security. Some people can make large amounts of money yet they are never financially satisfied – whether it’s hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars or billions of dollars. So what you are really striving for is your particular and unique definition of financial satisfaction and freedom. 

What does financial satisfaction and freedom  mean to you?

Every person on planet earth is ultimately thriving for bliss, joy and inner happiness.

Think about who you would consider the most successful people that you have ever met.

The most successful people are really the happiest people.

Someone can have millions or billions of dollars, but if they are unhappy, they are truly not successful. If they don’t have health they would trade all of their wealth to be young and healthy again.

If they were to face a life-threatening disease, they would give up all their riches to be able to extend their life.

What we have created with the Global Information Network is a one of a kind Club consisting of information, education and mentorship. Membership in our Club allows you to advance and succeed in the areas of your life that are most important to you. 

Whether that is health and wellness or perhaps developing more meaningful, dynamic relationships with your spouse, your significant other, with your loved ones, with your co-workers or with family, and with friends. 

Perhaps what is important to you is having more adventure in your life and being able to create relationships with people who can assist you, support you, and be there for you when you need someone the most.

Many of our Members do business together. It is estimated that billions of dollars in business has been done between Members. 

Many of our Members mentor with each other. Together our Members create success and momentum for each other.

There was a book written years ago by James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

In that book it is written,“You can be rich and be cursed and you can be poor and be blessed but you don‘t have to sacrifice one for the other.” 

You can actually be rich and be blessed if you do it the right way. 

The common denominator of all human beings is the fact that we don’t live on instinctive behavior. We live a life based on learned, applied, behavior. We learn things, we apply it in our life, we measure the results. 

If the results are good we keep doing more of the things that bring us good results and we should be doing less of the things that are producing the negative results that stop us from achieving our goals, dreams and desires.

The Global Information Network began with a dream, a vision. You may have listened to a home study audio series called “Your Wish Is Your Command”

That was originally delivered as a live seminar. The over 100 participants paid over $10,000 each to attend the weekend event in the Swiss Alps.

Since then tens of thousands of the audio home study courses have been sold for up to $1000 dollars each. That course is totally unique. It goes far beyond the material in books like The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, Ask and It is Given, The Magic of Thinking Big, or the Magic of Believing.

The Your Wish Is Your Command Course talks about the law of attraction. It talks about how you can manifest into your life more of your goals, dreams and desires.

That Course is just a snippet, just a preview of what our club is all about. It is the tip of the iceberg of what is within the Global Information Network and available to Members Only. 

When you analyze success, success leaves clues. The most successful people on planet earth share a common denominator that is not talked about or written about anywhere. This secret has never been revealed because it is not known. 

The secret fact is that all of the mega rich and the elites of the world are all part of some private exclusive club, secret society or a group or organization that provides them with mentorship, information, support and for lack of a better word, insider information that gives them the advantage of being on the inside track and always in the know. 

Being part of a support system with like minded people, allows the Members of these closed private groups the ability to be more, do more and to have more.

This is based on many factors including the energetic connections of Members that raise each Member’s level of vibration and frequency. This makes Members virtual success magnets. 

You may have heard of clubs, groups or organizations that people refer to as‚ “secret societies”. These include: The Brotherhood, The Bilderberg Group, The Illuminati, 33 degree and above Freemasons, Harvard Alumni Club or Bohemian Grove.

Yale university has a very private invitation only club called, Skull and Bones. Both US Presidents Bush were members as was US Secretary of State John Kerry. The US CIA was founded by Skull and Bones Members and is still run by them today. Over a third of the US Supreme Court Justices were Skull and Bones Members.

Much of our world economy is controlled or influenced by members of these clubs, groups or organizations.

Other extremely powerful, successful people join other types of private clubs, organizations or associations. This includes country clubs. People spend up to a million dollars a year and more to be a member of such exclusive clubs.

Think about that. Do you think that anyone who joined one of these clubs and paid a million dollars to join did so just to golf?

Of course not. It is not about the Golf or tennis or the yacht Club. It is about the people they will develop relationships with. When you are at that level of financial elevation you can golf, play tennis or go yachting wherever you want, with whomever you ant, whenever you want.

The Mega Rich join these clubs for the community. It’s not what happens just on the first eighteen holes. It’s what happens on the nineteenth hole. After these people develop real relationships with one another and develop real trust and affinity with one another, they become friends. Real friends.

When real friends get together they start to share information and do business. Remember it’s not just what you know, but who you know.

Things start being said such as:

“Hey Joe, I am doing this new real estate development project and boy I really believe we are going to knock the cover off the ball with it. We still have a couple of open positions. If you are interested let me tell you a little bit more about it”.

“Hey Mary, let me tell you about this stock that I just invested in, it is screaming. I have quadrupled my money since I invested in this stock. I will tell you a little bit more about it”.

People in these clubs partner together. They share information before anyone else knows about it. It is the access to those types of individuals and the way they think that makes up part of the club mentality. The club mentality is that the sum total becomes greater than its parts. 

If you analyze groups or societies, there are certain groups that stick together and help each other. They help each other get started in business. They mentor.

We know that up until now, up until we created the Global Information Network, many of these groups or clubs or private organizations locked people out. Very few people had access to them. You had to be part of a certain family, or bloodline, or a member of the already established privileged elite class to be invited to join these exclusive clubs.

Our vision and mission was to create a club where we could invite everyone to apply for membership and be part of this club.

We don’t discriminate, regardless of your race, regardless of your religion, regardless of your socioeconomic background. We believe that every single person on planet earth has the capacity as human beings to be more, to do more and to have more.

At the turn of the century, Andrew Carnegie was THE richest person on planet earth. He commissioned a very young man named Napoleon Hill to do a research study. 

Carnegie told Hill‚ “I want to commission you to write the Laws of Success. I will teach you the same Laws I used to become the wealthiest man on earth. I am also going to give you access to the most successful and richest people on planet earth. Talk to them too. See that they are all using these Laws of Success. Then produce a book sharing this knowledge for those who are willing to learn and apply it.” 

Carnegie gave Napoleon Hill access to his peers, his friends. People like Henry Ford, J.P. Morgan, Firestone, Thomas Edison. Carnegie didn’t give Hill access to these people for a day, a week or a month. This research study took place over twenty years.

Carnegie gave strict orders to Napoleon Hill: “What I want you to do is listen to these people, observe them, codify the secrets to success.” 

That took twenty years, two decades. Napoleon Hill then released 15 separate lessons called the Law of Success. He then added the missing lesson and produced 16 booklets called The Law of Success in 16 Lessons.

Hill then went on years later to author the famous book Think and Grow Rich.

The manuscripts talked about many things, including what Carnegie called the single most important secret to success. That single most important secret to creating wealth was being part of a mastermind group.

A mastermind is a group of people that are focused on the same objective and are in harmony with one another, of one like mind.

The manuscript talked about mentorship. 

It also talked about having the right attitude and that the thoughts that you think are what you then become. 

This book when it was released was so powerful that Napoleon Hill said in one of his speeches at a Chamber of Commerce meeting that the speed and predictability at which people were able to harness increased wealth and success, when they used the success formula in the manuscript, was frightening. 

Hill used the word frightening as to the speed and predictability in which anyone can apply these techniques and increase their wealth and their success.

It has been said that many of the very powerful rich individuals that Napoleon Hill had interviewed were outraged that he published this book. 

They believed if a common person was able to codify success, what would happen with their workers? “Who will work on the assembly line?” asked Henry Ford. “Who is going to be building the cars?”

The thought was that if the average worker knows the secrets to success, they will have the keys to the kingdom. They will be able to be more, do more and have more. The average worker will know how to be entrepreneurs, make money, create wealth and financial freedom and be their own boss. The average worker would learn how to be happy and successful, rather than be mired in mediocrity. 

So those manuscripts, with the pressure that was put on Napoleon Hill and the publisher, ended up in getting pulled off the shelves, edited and watered down. 

The original manuscripts became a more diluted version called, “Think And Grow Rich”. This manuscript is still a very powerful, dynamic book which has sold millions of copies worldwide.

The point is however, what are the true secrets to success? 

That is what we share with Members of the Global Information Network.

Many people pursue paths of success by reading books, listening to audios, and attending seminars. Some people have spent over the years tens of thousands of dollars on training courses, on audios, on going to seminars trying to find the secrets to success, health and real joy and happiness. 

The question is, what are the best seminars to go to? What are the best books to read? Who do you listen to?

It is hit and miss at best. Most people spend a lifetime reading the incorrect books, listening to the incorrect audios, going to the incorrect seminars. They listen to the wrong people. They listen to people that “know about” success, but who do not truly KNOW success. 

These teachers and “Gurus” don’t deliver the results that you are looking for.

One element of our Club is that, in addition to the exclusive training available in The Success Mastery Course and The Science of Personal Mastery Course we are also like the consumer reports of personal and professional development. 

We supply you with a buffet table of information, education, networking, mentorship and support. You pick and choose what resonates with you. You pick and choose the things that are of most value to you in any given unit of time. 

Perhaps in this unit of time you say I want to get healthier, or lose weight.

We have some of the most well-known and renowned health and wellness experts on planet earth as part of our faculty including Dr. Tom Morter and Dr. Ted Morter, the inventors of the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. They have treated royalty around the world including Kings and Queens. They have treated celebrities, the ultra wealthy and mega stars. Members have access to this kind of world class health knowledge. The Club provides you with information on health and wellness, alternative healthcare, and ways that you can be more vibrant, more dynamic, more energetic.

We have relationship experts on our faculty. John Gray, the author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” has presented information to our members. That information is available to all Members in the Subject Specific Training section on our website.

We have experts on our faculty that specilize in the area of wealth creation. 

If you want to create wealth or start your own business, want to advance your career, or want to learn the secrets to making huge amounts of money, the Club has the experts and training that can help you achieve your goal.

If you would like to talk with other successful Members of our Club who are already in business and are where you want to be, you can meet with them directly and they can mentor you. 

Our club is also about creating more adventure and fun in our lives. 

We have what’s called “GIN Adventures”, where we travel to exotic locations all over the world and are able to experience different cultures and different communities. 

GIN Adventures also has local outings such as whitewater rafting, fine dining, hiking and ski trips and a host of other fun Member generated activities. 

Most of our GIN Adventures are local and within driving distance, where you can associate with other members in a fun social setting to do things you enjoy.

The Global Information Recipe for Success:

GIN also provides you with the best audios to listen to for success, motivation, inspiration and personal and professional development.

All of our training is exclusive to Members Only. Our training is not available to the general public.

We have had custom audio lessons, courses, and webinars created for the Global Information Network by experts in every field. 

Since 2009 we have archived thousands of hours of audios and videos on health and wellness, wealth creation, happiness, relationships, and a large variety of other topics, all presented by the top experts in their field. 

If this information was available to the general public (which it is not), it would sell for over 5 million dollars based on the current rate other trainers sell their course for. All this is free to Members.

The Club also suggests books. Reading the right books combined with the right audios helps tap into the power of the GIN success formula. 

We have a recommended reading list of the best books that contain the best information to help you achieve your dreams. We also have internal books and manuscripts that are not available to the general public at any price.

These are from many of the Secret Societies that contain closely guarded powerful secrets of attaining wealth and success.

GIN also offers live and virtual events.

  • We have 4 major weekend events each year at fun exotic locations around the world.
  • 4 times a year we have a live and virtual Seminar and awards Rally.
  • Each month throughout the world we have live and virtual Local Chapter Meetings.
  • These events are where our Members can come from all over the world and gather, build relationships, learn vital information for success and to have fun.
  • People from all corners of the world attend these major events. When you attend these major events it’s an opportunity to network and build relationships.

Our club has the best of high tech which includes an online member library to access the audios, books, information, education, and online mentorship. 

We combine high tech with live training and live in-person events which is our high touch. 

All Members also are assigned a Member Support Coach, who is a high ranking highly trained Member that will help you get the most out of the Club, introduce you to other Members, and be there for you for support. 

Nothing replaces human to human contact. To be able to create bonds, to be able to create relationships is most important today than ever before. 

Many of our members, as we mentioned, do business together. More importantly, most of our members feel like family with other members. Our Members’ relationships with other members are strong and unique.

Members do advance themselves financially by being a Member of our club.

Members also advance the quality of their relationships by being around people who are happy, success minded, and who help each other. 

All Members take a pledge when we join this club that includes agreeing that Members help other Members first. 

Imagine being part of a club so that wherever you go around the world, there are Global Information Network Members that are there to support you, to be with you as a friend, and applaud you and recognize you for accomplishing your goals, dreams and desires.

The buffet of information we have created and continue to create for our Members is worth millions of dollars. The audios, the books, the DVDs, the webinars, the live trainings etc. You have access to all this for free when you are a Member.

However, your true net worth is equivalent to your network of people. 

What is your network of people right now? 

What people are you hanging out with? 

What mentors do you have? 

What books are you reading? 

What audios are you listening to? 

What events are you attending?

Consider the money that we have spent on education. An average college can cost about forty thousand dollars a year per child. Think about that. Forty thousand times four years is a hundred and sixty thousand dollars, per child. If you have 3 children that’s almost a half a million dollars to send those three children to college.

You spend that kind of money in the hopes that they will get better educated so they could earn higher incomes over their lifetime. 

What we provide in the Global information Network is the information, the education, the relationships and the tools that allow you right now in this unit of time to be more, do more and have more in a very predictable way. 

Now you have to ask, “well does it really work?” We know so many college graduates that come out of college who are unemployed. So does the GIN system work and produce results?

When we started this club we said people will have transformational experiences, people will be able to earn more money, people will be able to achieve better health, people will have better relationships. 

It’s no longer a theory. The success of the “GIN System” has passed the test of time. 

We formally began this club in 2009 and the results from Members come in day after day after day.

The GIN System for Success produces unprecedented results for our Members. 

For example, a Member since 2009 Joe Mello said recently: “I get asked why I am a Member of this club. The answer is really quite simple. It‘s because GIN has given me a way to continuously upgrade and improve my life and my lifestyle for the better. But even more important than that, it has also given me a way to upgrade and improve the life and lifestyle of everybody that I know and care about. How great is that? Think about all the people each of us know that wants to achieve more but hasn’t had access to the tools, training and opportunity to do it with. That’s why our club was created. And that’s why I have chosen to be a lifelong member of the Global Information Network.”

Member since 2010 Duane Lehr says:

Some of the major things that have occurred in my life since I started this journey is I met some really great people with some really great health advice. I was 272 pounds about four and a half years ago and I met a doctor who was a naturopathic doctor and he is a fellow level six GIN member in our club. He put me on a program, on several programs to take care of my health. It helped me. I have maintained thirty pounds less than that number at least virtually the whole way through.

What are the other aspects of our GIN club is that the fun at these events is incredible. As I am saying this we right now are having a party at a Major Event. We had a party last night too. Good clean fun. We have a lot of fun. And through that fun and all the laughter and smiles, we meet a lot of really good people. We get to know them and know what they are about and it’s just an amazing group of people to be around.

Some of my absolute best friends now are in this club. I still have other friends outside the club, but my friends who are also Club members are much more pertinent in my life than many of those other people.

I was also able to meet through the club a person who owned an accountant practice and I was able to buy a business from them and in the process instead of working all year around I work about two and a half to three months in the year. So I take nine months in the year off and do what I really want to do, which is spend time with my family and my friends and my GIN family. And those are three of the main things that I think, we just have a really good time. You get your health under control if that’s what you want to focus on. There are a multitude of business opportunities, I am looking at another one right now to fill the rest of my year up so I make plenty more income that I do right now. And if I can say one more thing, there is a huge amount of information in this Club, there is a huge amount of people with different backgrounds and I know you can get what you want out of this club. You just have to make the decision to go and make that happen.”

Member since 2009 Kim White shares:

“I used to have very low self esteem, I really didn’t speak up for myself at all. Never would I think about going on stage. I had good friends and I still love them but since I have joined the club, my life has skyrocketed. I am now presenting on stage, speaking to people, and being able to enrich their lives. My self esteem is high but humble. I know that I can do great things because of the information that I have, what I have learned and the people who surround me. And the people I am surrounded with are wonderful positive friends who when I need them, they are there for me and I can be there for them.”

All GIN Members have a story about how their lives are better because they are Members. I don’t know if you can put a price tag on that. But people do ask”What is the price tag? What is the investment to become part of the Global Information Network? What does it cost to be a Member?”

Well we have talked about college education, we talked about private clubs. You would probably expect it to cost tens of thousands of dollars to be a Member of this Club. It’s not. 

The Founders of our Club did want to have the one time initiation fee and ongoing monthly dues set at certain prices so that not everyone would qualify. 

But they wanted to make sure that the Global Information Network was affordable and gave access to most everyone. 

When you decide to apply to become a Member of our Club, you must first apply as an Associate Member. This gives you the chance to see if this Club resonates with you before you apply for Full Membership. This also gives us a chance to see if we think you would be good for our Club. 

Not all applications for Full Membership are accepted.

We are currently accepting applications for Associate Membership. 

We are also currently offering an introductory price to apply as an Associate Member in our Club.

There is a one time fee of $20 to become an Associate Member and ongoing monthly dues of $18.95.

This gives you full access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of information, education, mentorship, coaching, live events and more. The complete list of what you receive as an Associate Member can be accessed by clicking here.

You might be asking why the prices are so low. This is a limited time opportunity to become an Associate Member in our Club. We have never offered Associate Memberships before. Right now our books are open and we are accepting new member applications. We may close our books at any time.

We believe there are millions of people who are looking for something, need something to help them achieve their dreams, and who could help improve their lives in a dramatic way if they just had the opportunity. 

We are offering you that opportunity now.

We encourage you to apply for Membership. 

Our Club is not for everyone and it might not be for you. 

We may feel that the Club is not for you and not accept you as a Member.

If having greater health and wellness, having your definition of financial satisfaction, or being happier is something that you desire, then we would suggest you apply for Associate Membership and see for yourself the priceless value of being a Member of GIN.

Our Members tell us that we don’t have just a Club, that we actually have a movement. 

It’s a movement because as more and more people join this club you are going to find that you will want to be around GIN Members more often as they are uplifting, positive,  have a smile on their face and bounce in their step. 

Our Members are going places in life. They are not whiners and complainers. They are people that are making things happen and helping others make things happen.

Our Club will help you get ahead in life and attain your dreams.

We follow the motto: You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get in life what they want.

We as a Club and all our Members want you to get in life what you want and will help you all the way.

You will never completely understand what the Club is all about and all the benefits that you can derive from it until you become a Member. Then you decide. You can of course cancel your membership at any time.

Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, was interviewed on CNN by Larry King several years ago. In the interview Bill Gates was asked “What would you say are the keys or what do you attribute your success to?”

Bill Gates replied‚

“Number one, Larry, that I was at the right place at the right time and luck had something to do with that.” Timing is what he was referencing. He manifested and attracted into his life being at the right place at the right time.

 If you are reading this, you are at the right place at the right time. You are reading this for a reason. Somehow, someway you attracted into your life an opportunity to be a Member of GIN.

Bill Gates then said, “Secondly, I had depth of vision. I was able to see things that did not yet exist. I was able to visualize what the computer industry and the software industry could become in the future. Very few people saw the potential that I did.”

Do you see the potential that GIN can help you realize in your life?

But Mr Gates also said “You know what, Larry, there were other people who were at the right place at the right time with me, there were other people who had the same vision, but the last thing I attribute my success to, is I took massive and immediate action. I launched into action immediately. And I started to gain so much momentum and so much traction, it was nearly impossible for my competition to catch up with me.”

If some of the things that you read about on this website resonate with you, if being a Member feels good to you and aligns with your goals and dreams, then consider applying for Membership. 

What GIN offers does resonate with most people: health, wellness, financial satisfaction, happiness.

If you say that you are not interested in any of those things, then we are sorry, you are not a good fit for our Club.

When you become a member of the Global Information Network you can try it out. Evaluate the results for yourself. The cost is only a one time initial fee of $20 and just $18.95 per month.

As you start to gain results in your life, you will say, as our Members around the world have said, “this is the best decision I have ever made.”

Whatever your decision, it is your choice. 

We as a Club and all our Members wish you the best of health, wealth and happiness that you deserve.

Health, wealth and happiness however does not happen by wishing you well. It happens by people who take action, are part of a community, get the right information, the right education and then do the right action steps. 

Do the right things long enough consistently.

This way you will get the results that produce for you greater health and wellness, greater financial satisfaction, greater relationships and greater success in every area of your life.

You were born to win, and accomplish all of your goals, dreams and desires.

Remember also that you were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

We hope to see you on the beaches of the world and welcome you as a new Member of our Club.

See you all at the top and may you never be the same.