Frequently Asked Questions

We are thrilled you have questions about joining as a GIN. Below are a list of questions we regularly hear from those who have just learned about our Club.

Are you a Member with a question? Once logged in, visit our Support page for assistance.

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A) We thoroughly enjoy bringing new members into GIN. As GIN offers countless benefits, we recommend you view our publicly available and somewhat comprehensive list of Associate Member benefits on our Membership Benefits page.

Want a quick summary? In a nutshell, we offer thousands of dollars of value every single month. You’ll find numerous reasons you should join our Membership as an Associate. It starts with education. Our 100s of hours of invaluable educational programming taught by world-famous successes.

Additionally, you’ll get access to our exclusive, quarterly Conferences. These bring together prestigious, VIP Members to share their talents and get inspired, GIN is the highest value organization you’ll join all year.

A) You must fill out the application form by clicking “Apply to Be a Member”.

A) A new Member can currently only apply for Associate Membership. The cost currently is a one-time $20 initiation fee plus $18.95 per month for an Associate Membership. You may cancel at any time in your ‘My Account’ area once logged in to the site.

A) You may cancel your Membership at any time, simply login and under the ‘My Account’ tab, you can easily access a link to cancel your Membership.

A) No. We have no religious affiliation. Our Members come from and practice all faiths and religions, including atheism. We fully respect all religions and traditions. We are all inclusive. We desire and teach our Members to always think for themselves and use their own mind to reason. What’s more, we have no dogma.

A) In short, no. We believe in freedom, liberty and free speech. We also respect and acknowledge the role of governments and elected officials. We respect and follow the law, even if we may respectfully disagree with it. We adamantly encourage all Members to pay all taxes they legally owe while at the same time agree with using all legal methods to reduce tax burden ethically, but never “crossing the line.”

A) No. There is excellent training in books readily available to the general public (and we recommend many). There is also training available from many authors, speakers, trainers and “Success Gurus”. Nothing, however, compares to the training in The Success Mastery Course and The Science of Personal Mastery Course. Our training comes directly from advice from, “Secret Societies.” Much of it has been a closely guarded secret for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. Our GIN Trainings and Success System produces unparalleled results. When Members go through our training, they are never the same.

A) Those books are great, but they just touch the surface. They miss many essential ingredients. That is why most people don’t achieve success even when they fully apply the content of those books. Instead, our trainings are complete. They include a comprehensive system easy to implement daily that always produces results. When you go through our training you’ll absolutely say, “Wow, I’ve never heard something like this before!” alongside gaining results faster and easier than ever before.

A) We are not an MLM, nor do we have any “affiliate” program or recruiting bonuses. We do not pay to “recruit.” In fact, we do not recruit. Members do not earn any commissions under any circumstances. Those who want to join our Club must apply for Membership. Not all applications are accepted. Additionally, we have high ethical standards, and a strong Code of Conduct that must be adhered to. Memberships are occasionally canceled due to violations of our Code of Conduct.

A) Simply become an Associate Member. The introductory cost at the present time is only a one-time initiation fee of $20 plus $18.95 per month of ongoing dues. Within a few weeks or months, you will know if the Club is a good fit for you. Only you can make that decision. The cost is affordable enough for everyone to experience our Club and get a “Taste of GIN,” especially considering the priceless value our Club can bring to your life.

A) You have no obligation to do anything when you are a Member. Everything is optional. You can access and participate in any of our Trainings, events or any of our other value-added products at your own pace. As with life, this based on your preference and interest. Some Members have highly busy, active lives and “tap into GIN,” only from time to time. Other Members are very active within our Club and enjoy having fun with other Members. Noone will bother you to participate in Club meetings, events or training. Our Club aims to provide information and resources relating to what is most valuable and informational for you.

A) No. There is simply nothing like GIN today. You be the judge, however. Simply become an Associate Member today and see for yourself!

A) Yes, there is a “family member plan,” for active Members starting with Associate Members. All family members must first become an Associate Member. Then, learn about the discounts available for family members who want to become active Members in our Club.

A) This is a present-time introductory offer. We purposely made the initial fee and monthly dues very affordable for Associate Members. We want to expose this training to as many people as possible around the world so that people can improve the conditions of their life and increase their standard of living. Our training and being a Member of our Club could do that.

Keeping the fee to join and monthly dues low encourages more prospective Members to “check us out” and get a “taste of GIN” so they can see for themselves the power and effectiveness of our training and the incredible benefits of Membership. When a person becomes an Associate Member and sees the incredible value they receive compared to the very low monthly dues, many will apply for Full Membership. However, not all applications for Full Memberships are accepted as many Associate Members may not qualify.

A) The Club is owned by a small group of “Stewards,” all of whom have been Members of the Club since its inception. Several are also Founders of GIN. The Club has a number of full-time staff members, all who were high-level Members of our Club for many years before they were brought on as full-time staff. We also have over 150+ GIN Members who are part of the Volunteer Service Corps. The full-time staff and part-time volunteers, all who have been long-time GIN Members, manage the Club under the direction of the “Stewards” and the main “Founder” of GIN.